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Liverpool Facts

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Liverpool Fact List.

Liverpool had the world’s first Passenger Railway Line
Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral is the largest in Britain.
Liverpool has created more Number One pop songs than any other city in the world.
A Liverpool journalist invented the cross-word puzzle.
Liverpool FCs first kit was blue and white.
Liverpool has the oldest Santa's grotto in operation for 123 years
Liverpool’s Lita Roza was the first woman to top the UK singles chart, with How Much is that Doggy in the Window? in 1953
Liverpool city engineer John Alexander Brodie designed the first-ever football goal net.
Liverpool's Overhead Railway was the world's first electric elevated railway
The county's first purpose-made ambulance was made in Liverpool in 1886
The Tobacco Warehouse is made from 27 million bricks
Liverpool born William Gladstone became Prime Minister four times
Liverpool Facts about Liverpool

Charles Dickens used to work as a policeman in Liverpool
The sculptor of the Eleanor Rigby statue was paid 3 pence to make it.
Liverpool was the first UK city to import a banana
The radio city tower (St John's Beacon) used to be a revolving restaurant.
The Liverpool region was known as 'The West Derby Hundred' in the Domesday Book.
A huge battle took place in Liverpool in 1644 during the Civil War
The tower on Everton's badge is named after Prince Rupert, a Civil War General.
Outside of London, Liverpool is the most 'filmed in' city in the UK.
Liverpool has the largest Chinese Arch in Europe.
Liverpool's Overhead Railway was the first railway to use automatic signalling & electric colour light signals.
St Martin's Cottages in Silvester Street were the world's Uks council houses
Oriel Chambers on Water Street was the first building in the world to be built with a metal frame.
Liverpool has the first school of tropical medicine in the world.
Between 1793 and 1796 Liverpool issued it's own money 'The Liverpool Pound'


Liverpool Facts about Liverpool
Liverpool was founded in 1207.
In 1812, Liverpool's John Bellingham became the first man to assassinate a Prime Minister (PM Spencer Percival)
Liverpool had the world's first Commercial 'wet-dock' in 1715.
In 1786, Europe's first purpose-built prison was built in Great Howard Street.
Charles Dickens gave the first-ever reading of 'A Christmas Carol' in Liverpool
St John's Garden behind St Georges Hall has a graveyard underneath it.
Liverpool was founded by King John (the villain in Robin Hood)
St George’s Hall was the first air-conditioned building.
The Liver bird is based on a cormorant.
The old English Name for Liverpool Means 'Muddy Pool'
Liverpool has more museums than any UK city outside of London
Liverpool Facts about Liverpool

In the first-ever derby match, Liverpool wore blue and Everton wore Red
Liverpool FC featured on the first-ever Match of the Day program.
Everton's Dixie Dean has scored the most amount of goals in a football season (60)
The Royal Liver Building has the largest clock face in the UK
Liverpool has more listed buildings than any UK city outside of London
Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral is the 5th largest in the world
The Calder Stones are older than Stonehenge
Edward Smith, the captain of the Titanic, lived on Marine Terrace in Waterloo.
There is a graveyard underneath St John's Garden that contains prisoners from the Napoleonic war
Liverpool was not officially called a city until 11th May 1880.
The NSPCC Charity founded in Liverpool in 1883
The First gunshot in the American Civil War was made in Liverpool (by a Fawcett and Preston gun)
Liverpool Facts about Liverpool
England’s first subscription library opened in Liverpool in 1758
Adolf Hitler's brother and family lived in Liverpool during the 1920s
 Liverpool Prime Minister William Gladstone was 84 making him the countries oldest ever PM
The RSPCA Animal charity was first founded in Bold Street, Liverpool.
There is a fresh-water spring in the cemetery of the Anglican Cathedral
Liverpool's Grand National Horse Race is watched by 600 million people worldwide
Liverpool had the countries first ever school for the blind.
Scouse comes from the word lobscouse. A stew that sailors ate.
The Liver birds are called Bella and Bertie.
Liverpool Facts
Joseph Williamson built a network of tunnels that are still under the city.
The world's first-ever railway line ran between Liverpool and Manchester
Broadgreen is the oldest working railway station in the world.
An earthquake may have formed the River Mersey Estuary in 600AD
Liverpool men helped bring about an end to slavery in the UK
The offices of the Titanic Ship were in James Street, Liverpool.
Liverpool's two cathedrals sit either end of Hope Street
The Anglican Cathedral's bell is called Big George and it is larger than Big Ben
The metropolitan cathedral is known locally as Paddy’s Wigwam
The World First Lifeboat Station was created at Formby Point


Liverpool Facts about Liverpool
Old spellings of the city include Livpul, Lyuerpole, Lytherpole and Litherpoole
Medieval Liverpool had 7 main streets, most of which are named the same today.
The Albert Dock is the world's first building to be made without a wooden frame.
The Liver Building is built on a filled-in Dock
The Liver Birds were designed by German-born Carl Bartels
Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe